You can have the best of both worlds with Incite Strategic Partners on your team

It’s time to get superior senior living GPO solutions on your side.

At Incite Strategic Partners, we understand you need to manage costs and improve outcomes in your senior living communities.

This balancing act can cause extra stress and worry—not to mention heaping even more tasks on your plate.

That’s why we’re committed to understanding the daily struggles you face—so we can help you meet them head-on, with customized solutions that will cover all your bases, and more.

Incite is all about our members. Our approach delivers the highest level of support for your purchasing programs, as well as high-quality products and services.

When you partner with us, you’ll never need to choose between quality and cost. We’re here to enhance your residents’ lives without upending your bottom line.

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What GPO opportunities does Incite Strategic Partners offer?

When it comes to purchasing solutions for the senior living industry—Incite has got you covered with best-in-class products and services at affordable prices.

We’re proud to offer you a range of services, to meet all your senior living procurement needs.

Our exclusive member programs and offerings include:

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Dining and nutrition

Today’s seniors expect more from their senior living dining experience. Give them what they crave and more, when you partner with Incite for your group purchasing solutions for senior living dining..

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Medical supplies and services

Access top-quality clinical supplies and services at unbeatable prices with Incite GPO’s exclusive member deals on medical supplies and services.

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Facilities offerings

You want your senior living community to reflect your brand and vision. We can help you achieve the look you want for your community without breaking the bank.

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Administrative procurement

You need cost-effective solutions for office and administrative supplies and services that also save you time and make your job easier. Incite has got you covered with our exclusive programs and administrative procurement solutions.

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Incite helps you lead the way in senior living, while controlling costs

As Baby Boomers transition into senior living, hospitality is the focus. Senior living trends indicate increasing demand for diverse offerings in dining and amenities. And this push for concierge-style services is only poised to grow.

Today’s seniors are looking for –

  • Offerings that emphasize locally sourced, organic, healthy ingredients
  • Dietary options that accommodate those who are vegetarian or gluten-free
  • Modern communities, with updated features, amenities, and technology

Incite is here to partner with you to provide the savings you need on the services your residents expect.

Incite is ready to offer –

Our comprehensive portfolio, focused on seniors

Our partners include national and local food suppliers, leading medical supply manufacturers, and nationally recognized distributors.

Value for senior living communities of any size

Our programs offer invoice-level savings, providing you with budget-friendly options.

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How does Incite help you raise the bar without raising your budget?

Incite offers programs and services to meet your needs in the senior living industry.

Our group purchasing solutions include:

  • Top-quality products and services
  • Exclusive tools to drive positive clinical outcomes
  • Signature solutions to maximize resident satisfaction and balance your budget
  • Compliance with federal standards
  • Extensive network of local and national vendors

Incite is ready to be your strategic partner in top-notch senior living and care.

With our experience in the senior living industry and our commitment to understand your needs and deliver solutions that don’t break the bank—we’re uniquely positioned to be your go-to GPO.

We can access insider deals when it comes to our offerings and our price points. And we can pass the savings on to you.

Ready to gain exclusive entry to our senior living savings club?

Incite Strategic Partners is ready to streamline and supercharge your senior living group purchasing solutions and savings.

We’re always here to help!

Interested in learning more about our group purchasing program? Or need some personalized support to select the ideal options for you? Want to learn more, or start your membership?