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Streamline your senior living ordering with our signature online ordering platform

Imagine completing all your GPO ordering on one easy-to-use, dedicated online platform, designed to save you both time and money…

With Incite Select you can do all that, and more!

We believe senior living brands of all sizes should have easy access to streamlined online ordering services to make procurement a breeze.

Incite Select is our top-shelf electronic procurement solution.

You can use Incite Select to simplify your ordering and unlock exclusive member savings

Incite Select’s benefits also include:

  • Easy to use, turnkey e-procurement solution
  • Maximize savings by leveraging contracted items
  • Order guides help you save more
  • Exclusive senior living focused content
  • Dynamic analytics to help track and plan

Ready to access everything Incite Select has to offer you?

Want more info about how Incite Select can help you make online ordering quick, easy, and full of savings?

We could talk about Incite Select all day! That’s because we’re as proud as can be to offer this platform to senior living brands of all shapes and sizes – so you can get your ordering done in record time and with record savings.

Incite Select uses industry-leading technology to streamline your ordering experience and invoice management.

With Incite Select in your corner, you’ll unlock a wealth of key benefits, including —

Ease of use

Our cloud-based procurement system includes a wealth of integrated, senior living specific, national suppliers who stay ready to fulfill your ordering needs 

Confidently order products from well-known national suppliers in the areas of food, supplies, services, and equipment—all on one easy to use platform

Receive accurate invoices electronically, to streamline your efficient accounts payable processes

Batch invoices together for approval and easy uploading into your accounts payable system

Incite’s existing supplier integration system facilitates your quick, easy setup

Utilize your GL codes to drive more in-depth spend reporting and analytics

Access our self-guided site assistance tools, as well as our support department and resources. This includes hints, guides, and videos

Need personalized support to order with confidence? We offer personalized expert consultations to assist you with all your questions and needs

Program savings

Access our order guides and item lists to optimize your program use

Lead your team to your preferred, optimal items to avoid unnecessary overspending

We’re always working to make the best even better! We offer frequent order guide updates for the best contracted programs

Our up-to-the moment ongoing updates reflect supplier stocking changes in real time, so you know your items are available

Identify and reduce off-contract purchases with detailed reporting 

Receive accurate Incite contract pricing to order with confidence and clarity

Senior living focused content and analytics

Including helpful items like photos, product specs, nutritional information, and the full spectrum of supplier information you need to make informed selections

Need to connect directly? We’ll provide you with specific supplier contact information

Access your robust spend data analytics for informed decision making

Utilize our full menu of standardized reporting for greater insights and efficiencies

We’re always here to help!

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