Take Your Senior Living Group Purchasing Solutions to the Next Level

With Incite Strategic Partners on your team, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

What does Incite Strategic Partners offer in GPO opportunities?

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Dining and nutrition

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Medical supplies and services

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Facilities offerings

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Administrative procurement

More than purchasing – Incite offers solutions and support to make your job easier

When you work in the senior living industry, you work hard. That’s why you need a GPO that gets you.

  • Incite is focused not only on procurement, but people. We understand what you do and the challenges that you face in this dynamic, ever-evolving industry.  

  • Incite is an unparalleled GPO experience that’s fueled by our intimate knowledge of the senior living industry. Our easy ordering, streamlined systems, and signature support offer a customized partnership you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Our comprehensive, innovative portfolio of products and services and our superior support is why Incite is leading the way forward in the senior living GPO space.

How can we help you streamline your GPO needs with a supportive, customized partnership? Let’s talk about it.

Photo of people looking into group purchasing
Photo of a person looking into group purchasing

A comprehensive, turn-key senior living purchasing solution that saves you money

We understand that each department in a senior living community is its own unique ecosystem, with specific needs for quality products and services.

Incite creates custom-tailored purchasing solutions that are designed to support the entire senior living community.

Are you ready to save money and time, without sacrificing the quality your residents expect from your senior living brand?

What makes Incite unique amongst senior living GPOs?

The Incite team offers our members unparalleled GPO value, insider knowledge and expertise in the senior living and care industry.

  • We specialize in solutions that raise the bar at every stage of the senior living journey—for residents, administrators, operators, owners, and team members alike.

  • We’ve built lasting partnerships with providers who share our commitment to offer savings, share insights, and enhance the overall senior living experience—for everyone.

  • Plus, our hands-on approach includes your own dedicated Member Success Manager and access to our exclusive Incite resources, to get the most out of your partnership with us.

Photo of people looking into group purchasing

We’re always here to help!

Interested in learning more about our group purchasing program? Or need some personalized support to select the ideal options for you? Want to learn more, or start your membership?