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The Incite Medical Bundle

We understand the challenges of today’s Senior Healthcare providers. From program compliance to tight budgets, Incite’s offerings will help you maintain a strong clinical formulary and meet your financial objectives.

The Incite Medical Bundle is portable to your medical distributor.

• Gloves
• OTC Drugs
• Diabetic Supplies
• Wound Care Management
• Enteral and Oral Nutritional Supplements and Supplies • Incontinence Products
• Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

For more information on how a partnership with Incite can help enhance quality and care in your organization, contact us today!

Incite’s Medical Bundle is changing the way members approach the medical category, driving more savings than ever with less disruption and change. OUR manufacturer contracts, YOUR medical supply distributor… another way we are “Doing Group Purchasing Differently.”

Michael Dragone

Co-Founder/Managing Director, Incite Strategic Partners